“Our new GoFa cobot builds on the success of ABB’s YuMi family, which has helped businesses automate important tasks since YuMi was launched in 2015.

With its greater payload capacity and class-leading range and speed, GoFa is a game changer for collaborative robotics.

It will significantly expand the potential for cobots, by supporting a number of new tasks and applications safely and accurately, ”said Andie Zhang, Global Product Manager, Collaborative Robotics for ABB Robotics.

IRB 1400 YuMi Collaborative Robot

Payload: 500 g Reach: 599 mm

GoFa CRB 15000

950mm reach: 12 per cent longer than
comparable 5kg cobots

IRB 14050 Single-arm YuMi

Payload: 500 g Reach: 599 mm